4 Ways To Stay Motivated

Have you ever had that feeling that you are just not getting your work done.

You have set these entire tasks that you want to do but somehow, you seem to fall behind?

Have no worries because this is absolutely normal.

We are all human and not machines.

Things will seem harder when we are working alone in this day of age.

All of those who work from home will understand how hard it is to stay motivated each day and finish the work we go to do.


Fear not, because there are ways that you can virtually get yourself back into the mood.

Here are 4 methods that you can use to get your motivation back on track.

  1. Get up from your chair and shake it off

We sit all the time and when we sit for long period of times, we tend to lose concentration and energy.

So get up and stretch your body and limbs a bit.

Walk to the balcony (if you have one) to look outside for a a minute or so.

Or you can grab a cup of coffee or tea to perk yourself up. ( do this twice a day, the coffee)


  1. List all your task on your calendar/organizer

Being organized is another good way to stay motivated.

When you look at your calendar and see the task that you have and yet to be done, you will develop the sense of urgency.

When you see the deadline approaching, speed up your work and get things done.

The point is to have a schedule.

This won’t work if you simply push the deadline later.(Don’t be to kind to yourself)


  1. Set your goals

You should have a daily goal, weekly and a monthly goal is possible.

What you must do is to complete your daily goals.

This means pushing yourself to work harder even when you feel like wanting to stop so that the work is not extended to the next day.

However, don’t set stupid goals that are not realistic to be accomplished.


  1. Think ahead

This is very useful for certain occasions in order to make sure that your work is progressing well.

For example, you might have some relatives visiting next week.

So you need more free time for them.

Therefore, you can push yourself to accomplish more task this week so that your work load becomes less next week.

This way, you won’t have excuses to say that your work is delayed because your had visitors.


So there you have it, 4 ways to motivate yourself.

These methods might work for most people but it might not work for certain people.

It all depends on that individual.

SO go ahead and implement these habits into your daily life.




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